Meet the Team


Melanie Harrington       

Melanie began practicing yoga and meditation almost 15 years ago, when she was pregnant with her oldest daughter. Now a mother of four, she continues to practice yoga and meditation daily to strive for a sense of equanimity in her life. The realization that yoga and meditation is something to practice daily, both on and off the mat, has helped her to put things down, let things go, live in the moment and most importantly, to breathe. She is truly grateful to all her teachers who have inspired and encouraged her along this journey.

Melanie completed her yoga training with Kevan Gale at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA for her 500 hour certification in Fluid Yoga. She assisted him in the 200 and 500 hour training. She received her 200 hour yoga certification in Fluid Yoga with Kevan.  Melanie completed her Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher training with the McLean Meditation Institute. She also received a 200 hour yoga certification at Back Bay Yoga, in Boston. Melanie is a certified massage therapist, a ChildLight Yoga instructor, and a licensed and registered occupational therapist with a degree from the University of New England, in Biddeford, ME.   

Melanie lives in Holliston, MA with her husband, Jamie, and their four children.

Yoga Teachers in Holliston, MA



Jamie Harrington

Jamie was introduced to yoga several years ago by his wife Melanie, a long-time yoga practitioner. He'd once thought yoga was not for him and felt intimidated by the practice, but after a couple of private lessons he'd overcome his insecurities and was hooked. He realized yoga was about more than just the physical asana poses; it was a spiritual practice and furthermore a lifestyle he wanted to adapt. He started the 200 hour Fluid Yoga teacher training program at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA as a form of personal enrichment and exploration, but discovered a love for teaching. Jamie appreciates that yoga is a journey, with no finish line in sight and with endless opportunities to learn and grow. He loves to share his life experiences and insights with others through his teaching. 

Jamie has an MBA from Northeastern University and currently works full-time as a software consultant. He resides in Holliston with his wife Melanie, and their 4 beautiful children. In his spare time he enjoys running, traveling, spending time with his family and serving as vice president of the Harrington household. 


Daniela Cimino

Daniela has enjoyed practicing yoga since she first took a lunchtime yoga class at work. Thanks to the guidance of kind and compassionate teachers over the years, she developed a deep appreciation for how a dedicated yoga practice could invigorate the body and calm the mind. She enrolled in the 200-hour Fluid Yoga teacher training program to learn and explore, and with encouragement and support from some wonderful people in her life, she found herself teaching. Daniela would like to share the positive effects of a holistic yoga practice — one that touches mind, spirit, and body — through a Vinyasa flow that links the breath with mindful movement. She hopes to help others use their time on the mat to cultivate their own inner balance — to see beyond the physical poses and what their bodies can or can't do and practice with gratitude and freedom from worry and distraction. Ultimately, she hopes that the peaceful and steadying effect of practicing from a calm place and with an open heart becomes a positive force of energy that everyone can take with them into their lives off the mat.




Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell, certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Course Advisor for the McLean Meditation Institute, US Air Force veteran, and founder of Mindfulfilled Meditation, LLC, loves that that peace is her profession.  Having cultivated her own meditation practice for many years, Lisa is dedicated to sharing her knowledge to those wishing to find more peace and happiness in their own lives, especially those dealing with trauma and PTSD. A graduate of the McLean Meditation Institute and certified by the Warriors at Ease Organization to teach trauma-sensitive meditation, Lisa is a peaceful warrior meditating with all ages and abilities, civilians, active military, veterans, and first responders. 

Lisa is committed to providing a safe, truthful, and respectful space for everyone on the journey of self-discovery, empowerment and personal improvement and actively supports and is registered with www.SEEKsafely.org.



Yoga Teachers in Holliston, MA

Jeff Convery

In his search for the deeper truths of life, Jeff has traveled many roads to bring him to this place as a teacher and guide. From the stone walls and contemplative lifestyle of a monastic community, to the deep woods, practicing native survival skills and earth based spirituality; Jeff has experienced profound revelations and insight. A personal practice and teacher training in Fluid Yoga has gifted him with an inner peace and strength of mind and body. Leading spiritual and self-empowerment retreats, and facilitating growth for youth and adults for the past 17 years has brought him closest to his Source. Utilizing mindfulness practices and techniques to address the myriad challenges facing groups and individuals, Jeff focuses on each student's innate abilities. Through the power of storytelling, an authentic yoga practice and the ageless wisdom of the Mystic's he helps to draw people into their own power. He believes that we are here to assist one another on the path to enlightenment, however that may present itself.   




Brittany bio pic.png

Brittany Burke

Having experienced the incredibly healing power of compassion from The Yoga Exchange community, Brittany is grateful and overjoyed for the opportunity to share her yoga practice with others at the studio! She is humbled by the impact this practice has had on her ability to open her heart, laugh more, stress less, and connect to something greater than herself and looks forward to the opportunity to continue practicing together with this community. 

She is passionate about learning from her students what it means to be more fully human as she understands her role as a teacher to be one of accompaniment and solidarity. She has walked alongside people in varying educational settings as a martial arts instructor, service-immersion retreat leader, and academic educator, holding a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College. She is excited for the opportunity to explore the intersection of these experiences with her yoga teaching to understand how we may build community driven by inclusion, acceptance, and love.