“Melanie’s classes are spectacular!  She is the most attentive instructor I’ve encountered in 10 years of practice.  Her style is welcoming and non-judgemental and she assists most wonderfully (but only if you’d like her to).  I always look forward to going to class and leave feeling both energized and at peace.  Melanie takes special care with her students’ physical and mental practice, always offering supportive insights to nourish the soul.  It is clear that she takes pride in her teaching and the well-being of all her clients!”

Kristin F., Ashland, MA


"In my fast paced life, yoga helps to bring me inner peace, vitality and balance. Jamie’s quiet strength, knowledgeable instruction and calm disposition are the perfect combination for a yoga instructor. He expertly guides his students to find their own best practice without judgement.  His classes have transformed my inner self, decreased my stress and increased my strength and flexibility." 

Ann L., Wellesley, MA


“I started practicing yoga with Melanie a year and a half ago as someone newly interested in exploring what yoga had to offer both mentally and physically. Yoga is now a part of my weekly routine and I love it!  Melanie’s instruction is a great fit for me as she offers many different options when practicing poses that have allowed me to progress from beginner to intermediate at my own pace.  She encourages expanding out of your comfort zone without judgment of what physical limitations you may face.  Her daily mindful messages of letting go, acceptance and forgiveness have me leaving practice feeling at peace and better able to handle any stresses that come along in my daily life.”

 Meg M., Ashland, MA


"Jamie has a very welcoming, kind and compassionate way about him. As a teacher, he's approachable and simple to follow. Great for a invigorating meditative class, but also very accessible to a beginner"

Alicia M., Needham, MA


"Yoga practice with Daniela is nourishing for my body and mind. She is a wonderful teacher with a kind voice and helpful cueing. The flow of poses and pace of her class help me to feel physically and mentally strong, graceful, balanced and energized. The Yoga Exchange is a calm welcoming space and I always look forward to attending classes there."

Beth, Holliston, MA


“Melanie has been my yoga instructor for the last three years and under her guidance, my yoga practice has been transformed. I am a stronger, more flexible, fit person and as a result, have less injuries, more patience with myself and my body and a greater willingness to try new things. Melanie understands both the physical and mental benefits of yoga, making sure that each are addressed throughout the practice.  She has taught me how to gain the physical benefits of yoga, while at the same time, imparting on me the importance of practicing with compassion.  Melanie’s knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to yoga are obvious and she is challenging and nurturing me both on and off the mat. I am grateful to know Melanie and to have the opportunity to practice yoga with her.”

Katie V., Holliston, MA


“Jamie Harrington is a knowledgeable yoga instructor. He provides a welcoming and peaceful environment. He is flexible and able to individualize his instruction.”  

Pat M., Holliston, MA